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Building Sanitation

Each job in sanitation of buildings and structural core is a new challenge. For this purpose we provide an extensive range of equipment for easy realization of customer specific special and complete solutions.

Our WIWA single and dual component systems of the INJECT range are especially used for area sealing of earth contacting construction parts by injecting acrylate gels.


In close cooperation with special companies from the building sanitation trade we have accompanied a lot of very interesting projects. As an example, the WIWA POWERPACK XXL 2K is successfully used for the sanitation of flat and industrial roofs in the USA. The material (Garna-Flex) required for coating has a mixing ratio of 8:1 and is based on polyurethane. In a large bridge sanitation project in Canada we were able to convice the contracting company with our WIWA DUOMIX 230. The WIWA system was sused to apply a special dual component material to protect the surfaces of the bridge anchors


Should you have any further questions concerning the use of our equipment or systems, we will be glad to answer these by e-mail or in a personal discussion.