The Company

Market-oriented thinking and operating, extensive know-how and the development of intelligent vehicle designs have made KEMPF one of the leading suppliers of commercial vehicles in Europe, well beyond the borders of Germany. From dump trucks and dump trailers to tipping semi-trailers and semi-trailers for beverage hauling through to sliding-floor vehicles and numerous other specialized vehicles, KEMPF offers customized solutions for the widest range of transport tasks.


In order to meet these high demands and to be able to precisely tailor the vehicle solutions to the exact requirements of each customer, KEMPF has chosen 2-component and 3-component FLEXIMIX technology from WIWA for its painting and coating work.


For priming KEMPF employs an electric WIWA FLEXIMIX II for two colors which draws the primers out of 200 liter barrels.

For applying paint, which is now used in more than 400 different color shades here, an electric WIWA 3K FLEXIMIX in the low-pressure range is utilized.  

The complex setup of the system was carried out by our authorized regional dealership ATEG.




Fahrzeugbau KEMPF GmbH




Vehicle manufacturing


Requirements & Materials:


2-component primer

3-component top-coat paint with some 400 color shades




WIWA FLEXIMIX II for priming

WIWA FLEXIMIX I 3-component with a low-pressure pump




Quick change of color and reduced material consumption


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Trailer coated with WIWA 2K and 3K Fleximix sytem
Trailer coating at Kempf Fahrzeugbau GmbH paintshop with WIWA Fleximix
WIWA mixinx and dosing system Fleximix 1