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Intumescent fire protection coatings

Intumescent fire protection for passive, preventive fire protection

On this page, we want to give you an overview of our systems for applying multicomponent fire protection materials and of the topic of fire protection in general. At WIWA, we started very early in developing custom solutions for applying intumescent materials in conjunction with a number of material manufacturers.


Fire and the heat that it generates is a considerable risk to people and material. Passive fire protection is primarily intended to maintain the ability to function of buildings, pipelines and containers for a defined period of time. In addition to this, some fire protection materials have excellent corrosion protection properties, which is a definite asset in the case of offshore facilities like drilling rigs, for example. This means, for example, that their steel girders are coated with multilayer, intumescent flameproofing material using our systems. In the case of a fire, the material foams and and limits the increase in temperature for a time in the critical area. This makes more time available to carry out rescue and evacuation measures.


In Germany alone, fires destroy buildings and industrial facilities worth several billion Euros every year. Modern architecture increasingly relies on steel as a construction material; however, it quickly loses its carrying capacity at high temperatures.


It is not possible to do without intumescent fire protection materials to maintain the ability to function in the case of a fire. This is why we have worked in close co-operation with many manufacturers of fire protection coatings to develop efficient application systems for fire prevention materials and to optimise them on an ongoing basis.


Our dual-component DUOMIX PFP hot spray unit is the ideal system for coating large surfaces with intumescent material for passive fire protection. This has now been approved and/or certified by all leading material manufacturers. For applications in refineries, on drilling rigs and in other areas at risk from explosions and fires, we recommend the version of the WIWA dual-component DUOMIX PFP system that is safe for use in potentially explosive areas in accordance with ATEX 94/9/EG. The DUOMIX 333 PFP unit for applying fire protection material is based on our tried and tested WIWA DUOMIX technology.


More than 100 DUOMIX units are in use for fire protection around the world in a wide range of applications. A single-component PFP unit is also available for small areas and for repair work.




Flameproofing material for the steel girders of a natural gas liquefaction plant

The largest natural gas production facility in Europe was built off the Norwegian coast in the Barents Sea in 2005. The steel girders of the natural gas liquefaction plant's core elements are coated with 12 layers of flameproofing material that temporarily protects the steel from heat in the event of a fire. In close cooperation with International Coating, the manufacturer of intumescent fire protection and flameproofing material, we developed powerful special dual-component application systems for this task. Several WIWA DUOMIX 333PFP systems were deployed for passive fire protection; they are characterized by high levels of mixing precision, even material application and high levels of effectivity.

DUOMIX 333 PFP for use in preventive fire protection

The requirements of passive fire protection are becoming more and more complex. This gives many coating firms the opportunity to offer fire protection applications in addition to their corrosion protection offerings. WIWA develops custom solutions for applying intumescent flameproofing materials. Just recently, the WIWA DUOMIX 333 PFP was again successfully certified by two leading material manufacturers for users in Italy and the Arab Countries.

WIWA DUOMIX 333PFP plural component system for the application of insulation layer forming material for fire protection in the offshore industry, the oil and gas industry and for building protection
WIWA DUOMIX 333PFP plural component system, fire protection, building protection

WIWA systems for applying intumescent fire protection coatings

Fire prevention applications are used to maintain the functioning capacity of steel components and containers in the event of a fire. In addition to applying intumescent fire protection material for small areas using powerful, modified single-component systems (e.g. the WIWA HERKULES Series), the innovative dual-component Airless hot spray process has become more and more widespread.


In close cooperation with leading fire protection material manufacturers, WIWA has developed dual- and three-component application systems and optimized them on an ongoing basis. The point of departure for certifying many materials is the many different modular solutions of this WIWA equipment concept that has instilled many innovative ideas into the numerous requirements profiles of material manufacturers for processing material for passive fire protection. People were demanding numerous temperature measurement points and insulated pressure vessels, electrical agitators as well as the option of automatic switch-off by means of pressure and dosing control.




WIWA dual-component coating systems for flameproofing material

In close cooperation with leading paint manufacturers, WIWA have further-developed and optimized their tried and tested, powerful dual- and three-component application systems for fire protection. Using the DUOMIX 333 PFP's powerful extrusion pumps, it is possible to easily pump heavy fire protection materials with a high solid content to the pressure vessels. The high application performance makes it possible to apply thick layers at a maximum surface application rate of up to 500 m² per day. This is an important contribution to reducing wage costs.

Depending on the job in hand, we can supply nozzles of different sizes and with different spray angles for our specially developed spray guns. The homogeneity of the spray jet ensures high levels of surface quality.

Due to the high mixing precision and the even application of the fire protection material, little or no refinishing is needed. This allows you to save a considerable amount of time and material. The system is available safe for use in potentially explosive areas, which means that you can also use it in the oil and gas industry.

Areas of application:

  • Fire protection coatings for naval and offshore applications
  • Processing flameproofing material in the oil and gas industry
  • Building protection
  • Coatings with fire protection material in any areas in which high temperatures can result in the event of fire.