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Airless painting and coating systems

WIWA Airless painting system for industrial and craft trades

WIWA has been developing painting systems for industrial and craft trades for more than 60 years WIWA Airless painting units set the standards because we always focus on optimum efficiency of equipment at the design stage.




WIWA Profit Airless and Aircombi painting system

PROFIT Series Airless painting systems and coating units are ideal for industrial and craft trades.



WIWA PROFIT coating units: compact, powerful and competitively priced


The portable PROFIT Airless coating unit is ideal for flexible applications. PROFIT units with paint supply containers are ideal for repairs and touch-up work or any other painting and paint spraying jobs that t only need a relatively small amount of material. PROFIT Series coating units and coating systems have a double-action pump with fixed, spring loaded packings. WIWA Airless painting systems have longer than average service lives due to their hard chromated double piston, hard metal valve plates and stainless steel valve balls. The coating unit is fitted with a double filter system (suction and high-pressure filter) for trouble-free operation.


WIWA PROFIT Airless Paint Spraying Unit

Robust Airless spray painting equipment for efficient spray painting.


WIWA PROFIT Air Combi Paint Spraying Units

For super-fine painting using the environmentally friendly Air Combi painting process


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WIWA PROFESSIONAL paint spraying unit

The Airless painting systems and coating units for heavy-duty corrosion protection


An extensive range of products suitable for paint spraying and industrial coating applications of any kind. The Airless painting systems and coating units of the PROFESSIONAL Series are also suitable for applications in paint circulation systems. Due to their high pressure transmission the Airless 28048, 28064 and 24071 coating units are particularly suitable for highly viscous, low-solvent and solvent-free materials with a high solids content. Airless painting systems and coating units 38032, 38042, 44024 and 44032 have been specially developed for applications with coarsely pigmented or abrasive materials of low to medium viscosity. Due to the high displacement, it is possible to ensure slow piston speeds and corresponding low wear in the case of Airless painting even with large nozzle sizes.

This means that these Airless painting systems and coating units are also suitable for use in automatic spraying systems with or without circulation.


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WIWA HERKULES paint spraying units

The new high-performance Airless painting system series for heavy-duty corrosion protection and demanding requirements, such as the marine and offshore industry, for example.



High-quality and robust WIWA Airless painting systems with high to extremely high pressure transmission rates and enormous volumetric capacities to meet the highest demands of Airless painting. The new 35075 and 35061 Airless coating units offer high performance for large surfaces and thick layer coatings. Even if you use several spray guns at the same time and have hoses that are more than 100 m long, these coating units easily cope (with no noticeable drop in pressure). You can achieve application performance and layer thicknesses of previously unknown levels. The 48057 coating unit and the 48046 coating system are Airless painting systems with an even better delivery rate with the same high pressure ratio. Due to the enormous delivery rate of 550 ccm per double stroke, the 60036 Airless painting system and the 60028 coating unit are ideal for uses in automatic and manual paint circulation systems and paint spraying systems.


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General information on Airless painting systems and coating units

The Airless paint spraying process is an economical and environmentally friendly spray process with a high application performance. The high pressure pump is a component of the Airless painting system and sucks the spraying agent from any desired container and transfers it to the spray gun under high hydraulic pressure via a high pressure hose. With Airless painting, fine, airless atomisation is achieved through a specially designed spray nozzle. The spray jet is ejected onto the material at high speed, thereby providing an optimal finish. An Airless coating unit includes the material pump, the high pressure hose and the Airless spray gun.