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Extrusion pumps

Extrusion or plunger pumps are needed for highly viscous and pasty materials, which cannot be pumped with self-priming transfer pumps. The WIWA product range of plunger pumps covers six performance classes with a total of 22 standard pumps with different capacities and pressure transmission ratios and is therefore one of the worldwide most extensive product ranges. WIWA VULKAN pumps are most suitable for the pumping and processing of resins, insulation and sealing materials, highly viscous greases and lubricants, reactive adhesives, high-density stock as well as pasty printing inks. VULKAN pumps can be used as feed pumps for automatic dosing systems as well as for the manual application of pasty materials. Since the market for bonding and sealing technology is in continuous further development, we are always ready to develop special customized solutions.

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WIWA VULKAN extrusion pump at work in the automobile industry, pumping adhesive for gluing car bodies