The Company

A view back to the future! WIWA 68th Anniversary

Since 1946, during his employment as precision mechanic by the company Leitz in Wetzlar, Wilhelm Wagner, the founder of WIWA, worked after hours in an unheated air shelter and manufactured nozzles for crop protection spraying equipment. The Wilhelm Wagner KG was then officially founded in 1950. This was followed by orders for the manufacture of gas hose nozzles and air motors for lubrication equipment in paid labour. The production of lubrication equipment started in 1958.


In the middle of the economical recession in 1967-1968 Wilhelm Wagner set the right course at the right time. In November 1967 the first paint spraying unit "Airless 2000" was presented in Munich. Already in 1970 the company premises became too small and a new building was built in the Gewerbestraße in Lahnau-Waldgirmes, which is still the Company Headquarters of WIWA.

In 2010 the company will celebrate its 60th anniversary. The forward-looking orientation still determines all our ideas and actions. Expanding the production capacity is a must for WIWA. In January 2007 a new manufacturing hall was opened at the company headquarters in Lahnau-Waldgirmes, which will secure the production location in Germany for a long time into the future.

WIWA Founder Gründer Wilhelm Wagner
WIWA Headquarters in Lahnau 1970, WIWA Airless 2000