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The AIRLESS 270 introduced in 2015 has been rebranded to WIWA HERKULES 270 GX. Together with the even more powerful WIWA HERKULES 333 GX, this unit rounds out the new series.


With our new oil‐free, low noise, anti-icing air motor, the WIWA HERKULES GX SERIES is a dynamic and powerful addition to our single feed, airless product range. Both units handle long hoses and multiple spray guns with ease.


Suited for continuous operation under the toughest conditions with large areas and thick film coatings where extremely high pressure ratios, high volume output and continuous production are required. Ideal for automated spraying and paint circulation systems.


Made of high quality materials and crafted to require the lowest possible maintenance, these exceptionally durable and reliable units provide a highly economical investment.


New features:


  • The air motor is oil‐free, anti‐icing and low noise 
  • No pulsation ensures precise results 
  • The material pump and high‐pressure filter are made of stainless steel and are easily serviced using the hook spanner 
  • Compact air maintenance unit mounted directly on the air motor
  • All material wetted parts are made of stainless steel 
  • A stable multi‐functional frame equipped with large wheels, ring bolts for easy lifting, holders for the suction hose and a hook spanner 
  • Self‐adjusting packings reduce wear and tear and keep maintenance costs low
  • QR code on the machine connects you directly with the technical documentation



High pressure, plural component spray equipment for heavy duty coatings


Specifically suited for demanding, highly viscous materials and application on large surface areas; the WIWA DUOMIX 270 application unit is a formidable and dynamic addition to our DUOMIX Series, combining the advantages of continuous production and accurate, stable dosing with easy electronic operation and monitoring.


  • Equipped with our latest, low-noise, oil free, anti-icing air motor, the system provides high pressure ratios with high volume output that allows the use of multiple guns and long hoses while the anti-icing design provides for continuous application and minimizes downtime.
  • The mixing ratio can be changed in a matter of minutes by exchanging the material pumps. More than 200 different fixed mixing ratios can be set up this way.
  • The mixing block can be located directly on the unit or, for products with a short pot life, in an external mixing block connected by a heated hose package up to 100m long.
  • All parts in contact with the material are made of stainless steel and are crafted to require the lowest possible maintenance, are easy to clean and will reduce material waste and solvent use, which makes the series highly durable and very economical.
  • Material feed is possible via, various sized, feed hoppers (with optional heating/agitator) or by using feed pumps for either small or large drums. If necessary WIWA MATERIAL FLUID HEATERS are easily added for warming the material to the required processing temperature.
  • Available electronic features include; pot life monitoring, flush program execution, gear flow metering, mixing ratio memory and data recording and downloading with the WIWA DATALOGGER.
  • The system can be customized with additional WIWA accessories such as temperature and pressure monitoring systems, to meet individual requirements for the most diverse application challenges. Can be configured for work in areas designated as an Ex-Zone.
  • Ease of operating and monitoring with an optimized layout of the components and controls, fast conversion to other mixing ratios and rapid and easy cleaning. The unit conforms to the European Directive with regard to the single shut-off requirement.
  • For use as a stand alone or deployed in fully automated, robotic production systems.


Maximum capacity for highest demands, day by day

The new electronically controlled FLEXIMIX-II-HERKULES plural component range was designed and constructed to fulfill highest requirements. Enormous area output, high layer thicknesses and the simultaneous use of several spray guns or extremely long hose lines make this system particularly suitable for large area and thick-film coating.


Even materials, that could previously not or only conditionally be sprayed, can now be applied with the FLEXIMIX-II-HERKULES. Due to the high volumetric capacity the Herkules plural component range is ideally suited for manual and automatic coating systems. The extensive range of WIWA accessories enables optimal adaptation to any application. Special options are also possible.



The WIWA DUOMIX PU HYDRAULIC is the latest and brand-new addition to our DUOMIX PU Series. This hydraulic, compact, versatile and mobile unit is easy to use and can handle all types of polyurethane foam and fast curing polyureas.

The new material pump design provides enhanced flow, resulting in longer life of the wear parts, while the mixing ratio can be changed in a matter of minutes by replacing the material pumps. Over 200 mixing ratios can be set up this way. The machine is very quiet and there is no pulsation.

The new, redesigned, exceptionally economical material heaters are based on our latest technology. The exact amount of material to be processed is heated in the most efficient way and in the shortest possible time. Additionally the unit has a built-in energy saving mode engaging an automatic stop/start function during ongoing work or you can make use of a programmed period/shift.

The simple control panel provides ease of operation and conforms to the EU Machine Directive with regard to the safety shut-off requirement.

Feed pumps can be conveniently stored on the frame ready for use. The design provides the possibility to choose between pumps; diaphragm pumps or our newly designed piston pumps.

Changing from a stationary to a mobile unit can be accomplished in a matter of minutes with the accessory wheel kit.

The unit can be equipped with the WIWA DATALOGGER which will provide you with the widest range of equipment activity data, assisting you in further optimizing and refining your production process.