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Each order should be a recommendation for the next one

Numerous renowned companies of various industries all over the world profit from the technical innovations introduced by WIWA GmbH and Co. and KG. As one of the leading equipment manufacturers we offer our customers solutions focussed on decorative and protective surface coating as well as gentle handling of fluids. This is backed by almost 65 years of experience of the complete WIWA Team. However, nothing is as consequent as a change. With new ideas and excellent technology we as a team face these challenges day after day. Together with our customers and partners we at WIWA appreciate the dynamics and changes in these times. Only this guarantees that new ideas in mechanical engineering are uncompromisingly set to work. 



WIWA Reference Airbus Industries, Aviation, Aircraft Construction
WIWA People's Shipyard Stralsund, Shipbuilding, Marine and Offshore Industry
WIWA Reference Sennebogen
WIWA Reference Alstom