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WIWA Painting Equipment Cuts Repair Times in Half


EuroMaint Rail GmbH is a leading independent company in the field of maintenance and servicing for both freight and passenger rail vehicles.  The company employs a staff of more than 900 and has five locations throughout Germany. The location in Leipzig is specialized in the servicing of freight and tank cars and guarantees its customers maximum operating time for their vehicles with its fully equipped, 2,500 m² state-of-the-art, facility and highly qualified employees.

This reduction in downtime is achieved through continuous improvement of all workshop processes.  This also applies to the modern painting system installed and serviced by our  partners, S&B Farbspritz- und Drucklufttechnik GmbH.


Requiring a specialized solution for the load area of bulk-material railcars, EuroMaint uses a WIWA DUOMIX 230 which applies the 2K Etopox 6 coating material at a 4:1 mixing ratio. The high-viscosity coating material is delivered in 200 liter containers and is fed into the DUOMIX 230 using WIWA feed pumps and fluid heaters.


The result is a coating thickness of 600 μm after the application of just one spray coat.  Through the use of WIWA technology, significant reductions in both car downtime and material consumption have been achieved.



EuroMaint Rail GmbH, Leipzig



Railway vehicles


Task and material:

Spray coating of bulk-material railcars with 2K Etopox 6


The solution:

WIWA DUOMIX 230 4:1 with WIWA fluid heater 



High film thickness with a single coat, cost savings and reduced downtime


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