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High pressure pumps

WIWA high-pressure pumps – powerful and versatile!


WIWA offers appropriate high-pressure pumps for virtually any area of application. Regardless of whether it's as a small transfer pump or as part of a high-performance coating system. WIWA pumps are robust, have a long service life and are easy to maintain. Due to their modular structure, WIWA high-pressure pumps offer individual solutions for virtually any areas of application.

PROFIT Series high-pressure pumps


PROFIT high-pressure pumps are used in out powerful, compact and reasonably priced Airless paint spraying units. The PROFIT units with paint feed funnels are ideal for repairs and touch-up work in which only small material quantities are processed.


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The WIWA Series for heavy-duty corrosion protection The Airless high pressure pumps of the PROFESSIONAL Series are most suitable for applications in paint circulation systems. Due to the high-pressure pumps' high displacement, it is possible to ensure slow piston speeds and corresponding low wear even with large nozzle sizes. This also makes these high-pressure pumps suitable for use in automatic spraying systems with or without circulation.


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The new high-performance series for heavy-duty corrosion protection and demanding requirements, such as the marine and offshore industry, for example. The high-quality and robust WIWA high-pressure pump with high to extremely high pressure ratios and enormous volumetric capacities is suitable for demanding large surfaces and thick layer applications. High-pressure pumps of this series are ideal for use in automatic and manual paint circulation and spraying systems.


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With the combination of high pressure and finest atomization as well as appropriate additives not only rust, but also greases, oils and resins can be removed most effectively. The advantages are obvious: Using the WIWA HIGH PRESSURE CLEANER it is possible to drastically reduce the increased material costs in corrosion protection due to contamination of the blasting medium by falling rust particles during pretreatment of the substrate by sand-blasting, since precleaning makes it possible to use the blasting medium several times.


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WIWA thick layer/mortar pumps


The WIWA 410.09 and 600.12 Series are sutiable for processing epoxy- and water-based high-density materials and mortars. By contrast with screw pumps, WIWA high-pressure pumps can be easily flushed through and cleaned with thinner. This makes high-pressure pumps highly suitable for processing epoxy-based materials too.


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Specifically suited for demanding, highly viscous materials and application on large surface areas; the WIWA DUOMIX 270 application unit is a formidable and dynamic addition to our DUOMIX Series, combining the advantages of continuous production and accurate, stable dosing with easy electronic operation and monitoring.


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With our new oil‐free, low noise, anti-icing air motor, the WIWA HERKULES GX SERIES is a dynamic and powerful addition to our single feed, airless product range. Both units handle long hoses and multiple spray guns with ease.


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The compact and versatile WIWA DUOMIX 230 high-pressure pump is based on the WIWA DUOMIX 300/333 dual-component high-pressure pump system concept that has been tried and tested all over the world.


The DUOMIX high-pressure pumps offers you the safety of a fixed mixing ratio and the flexibility of a variably adjustable dual-component system.


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After successful testing, International Coatings Ltd. has granted an equipment certificate for the WIWA 333PFP dual-component system. This system, which is fitted with DUOMIX Series high-pressure pumps, makes it possible to smoothly process a tried and tested intumescent material.


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Robust, and versatile dual-component coating systems with powerful high-pressure pumps and electronic control systems that ensure high metering precision.