The right Choice


G.T. Bunning & Sons Ltd. a UK based manufacturer of spreaders for the farming market.
Two things have made the company so successfull that their products are not only sold in the UK but worldwide, the quality of their products and the great after sales service. Based on the desing and manufacturing principle “build it strong, keep it simple” the products are known for their reliability and great performance.

G.T. Bunning & Sons places great emphasis on improving its manufacturing process and increasing efficencies and constantly enhancing quality.

As part of this programm the company wanted to improve the coating facility to meet todays standards. A coating system was needed which makes the change of top coat colors fast and easy and reduces waste.
Airblast Eurospray Ltd. designed a system consisting of two WIWA Fleximix I 3 K (three component) systems which supply two spray booths.

Greg Shepherd, Managing Director of G.T Bunning & Sons said:  “Since the installation, the line has operated efficiently and has significantly reduced the level of maintenance that was required with the old system. I believe we have made the right choice”.



G.T Bunning & Sons Ltd., UK


Agricultural equipment

Requirements and Material:

Fast color change
Solvent borne zinc epoxy & acrylic epoxy top coat


WIWA Fleximix I for three components


Fast color changes and cost savings due to
minimal waste of coating material
Reduced level of maintenance


Download the Success Story as pdf file:


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