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Automated windshield bonding for the automotive industry

In order to bond vehicle windshields for a large automotive manufacturer in Saxony, we are currently working with AUMO GmbH (Saxony), whose activities focus on automation and specialized machine design, and Zeulenrodaer Sonderanlagen GmbH & Co. KG (Thuringia). For this purpose, two WIWA VULKAN pumps (model 134.54) have been pumping EFBOND DA 280 1K polyurethane adhesive from Swiss manufacturer EMS-EFTEC out of two 50-liter containers since October 2020. From the dual pump station, the material passes to AUMO's robotic cells and then to two integrated automatic piston dispensers from Zeulenroda-based Sonderanlagen. The adhesive is applied to discs via a specially developed extrusion valve. The discs are then bonded into the vehicle body. We presented this project in detail in an article in issue 6 of adhesion ADHESIVES + SEALANTS.