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Connector pin encapsulation in the vehicle industry

In February 2021, a Polish commercial vehicle manufacturer was looking for a partner to cast connectors for trucks with a tipping body. The function of these components is to detect the tipping angle of the body and to switch off the tipping device if necessary.
The company then found what it was looking for with a material manufacturer who had already cooperated with WIWA several times in the past and subsequently brought the family-owned company on board. The joint project finally started in May last year. A neutral, one-component high-performance sealant based on silicone was pumped from 30-liter containers via a scoop piston pump of the WIWA VULKAN 79.24 model. On the one hand, this is particularly resistant to vibrations and temperature fluctuations and is characterized by a long service life. On the other hand, the potting protects the connector from dust, dirt and any mechanical stresses. In general, silicone sealants such as these are very suitable for potting due to their low viscosity and are easy to process both manually and by machine.
In this case, due to the small number of pieces and the diverse geometries of the components, the customer opted for manual application using a WIWA 250 D with an outlet nozzle. During the course of the project, the gun discharged around five to six kilograms of material per day in order to apply around 600 differently shaped connectors.