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GTF Freese

Negative waterproofing and grouting of the wall and sole area

Together with material manufacturer Freese, we were at work with our WIWA INJECT ND 1 - which was still in the test phase at the time - on a construction site near Frankfurt, Germany, in December 2021. In an apartment building from the 1970s with moisture-damaged walls, the task consisted of a professional negative waterproofing and grouting of the wall and sole area. Exposing and sealing the walls from the outside was not possible due to the local conditions.
First, the stone was drilled to such an extent that the air chambers located in the wall were hit from above. Due to the fineness of grind of the cement paste suspension used, the surface had to be filled in advance with a sealing compound in order to close minor cracks. The total of 300 liters of material was injected via almost 100 plastic packers with a manual closing piece, via which it was possible to re-inject within the pot life. After filling and grouting the cavities, the wall and floor areas could be grouted and the walls finally provided with interior waterproofing and finished with a restoration plaster. The room has since been able to be fully used again.