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Krämer Industriebehälter Gmbh

Corrosion protection for liquid gas containers

The year 2019 had just begun when Krämer Industriebehälter GmbH from Bavaria decided to buy a WIWA FLEXIMIX 2 HERKULES 333 GX and a 500 F gun to apply a coating to liquid gas containers to protect them against corrosion. The unit previously used by another manufacturer was no longer working satisfactorily at this point, so Thomas Schwarze - foreman of the surface treatment department - was urgently looking for a powerful and robust replacement. The recommendation of a large material manufacturer, who had already seen the FLEXIMIX successfully in operation at many companies, finally led him to WIWA.
Since then, underground tanks in sizes between 3 and 300 m³ have been coated inside and out with a 2K material based on epoxy resin. The material is applied by hot spraying, whereby the temperature of the highly viscous material is decisive for an optimal result.

"I am in contact with many paint manufacturers. When our unit at that time was no longer particularly reliable due to its age, one of them had recommended the WIWA FLEXIMIX to me. He had already seen it very successfully in operation at many companies, whereupon I got in touch with WIWA."

Thomas Schwarze, foreman for the surface treatment area at Krämer Industriebehälter GmbH.