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KeMa Bautenschutz

Dewatering of a decommissioned nuclear power plant

The last unit of what was once Germany's most powerful nuclear power plant, located in Gundremmingen, Bavaria, was shut down in December 2021. For a possible recommissioning, a shaft between the Danube and the nuclear power plant was now to be checked for cracks, for which, however, it first had to be drained.
The owner hired the company KeMa Bautenschutz from Graben for this task. In turn, WIWA technology had been recommended to them by a material manufacturer, so we accompanied the project with a WIWA INJECT 2K 14025 GX. The two-component PU material had a pot life of five seconds.
For the injection itself, 24 perforated lances of 1/4 inch and with a length of 4.50 meters were used. It took just under two years to complete the project over two days in the summer of 2023 before it was approved by the Water Pollution Control Board.

"I will definitely use WIWA technology again in the future, because it runs smoothly and without icing. If you need safety, that's what you get."

Markus Kelnhofer, Managing Director of KeMa Bautenschutz