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FLK Cabin A/S

Metal surface finishing for forklift cabs

In early 2022 we sold a fully automatic FLEXIMIX 1 combined with several PHOENIX GX pumps through our Danish distributor, SurfaceTechnic, to a metal surface finisher (and new WIWA customer!) FLK Cabin in Denmark.  Our plural component application system was the last component needed to complete their new surface coating system. Since being installed, this WIWA solution has been proportioning various materials for painting special forklift cabs at a 5:1 mixing ratio on a daily basis.
Morten Skakke, owner and CEO of FLK, expressed his high satisfaction with the easy, efficient mixing process, the ability to change colors quickly, the consistent product quality and the low risk of errors. He also selected to use WIWA AirCombi (air-assisted airless) spray guns for this task due to the high demands on the appearance of the coated parts.

"We decided to invest in a complete, modern 2K system with multiple pumps and automatic cleaning from WIWA because we wanted the best equipment on the market."

Morten Skakke, owner and CEO of FLK