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Construction company Achim Hertwig

Stopping and repairing a water ingress

In Hagen, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany, a hobby cellar was suddenly flooded several centimeters deep in November 2023, which the family had to siphon out several times a day - just before going on vacation!
After closer inspection, the cause turned out to be the following: In the 1980s, an extension had been added to the existing building. The foundation, where the new and old floor slabs meet, was not properly sealed. And moisture was now seeping into the cellar between the old building and the extension.
The construction company Achim Hertwig from nearby Ennepetal then carried out the renovation at the beginning of December using the WIWA INJECT HD 2, the WIWA injection gun and a 2K PU combination resin from FREESE in a mixing ratio of 1:1. "This is a universally applicable injection resin. It is tested in accordance with KTW and DIN EN 1504-5 and is therefore suitable for elastic crack filling in both dry and water-bearing cracks," describes Mike Ebbinghaus, an application engineer from the material manufacturer. In contact with water, it reacts to form foam and is processed in two stages. The first injection first stops the water ingress before the crack is permanently sealed with elastic resin by the second injection. Finally, a hollow trowel of sealing mortar was applied.

"The customer was about to embark on a booked holiday, so a quick solution had to be found. Thanks to the uncomplicated handling of the WIWA pump, the cellar floor was sealed within a day - and the customer went on holiday without any worries."

Achim Hertwig, owner of the construction company